Who is Beca

Inspired by Endless Summers
& Touchable Skin


I wanted to create a product that allows people to achieve a glowing and vibrant looking tan without baking in the sun and causing long term damage. I had a vision to create a product that can nourish and hydrate our skin at the same time.

With twelve years experience in the beauty industry, I really believe self tans are the best tanning option. GlowByBeca is ‘more than just a tan’.

GlowByBeca is a 100% Eco-Certified Natural DHA and is fast drying, non-sticky and odourless. It is a Chocolate based tanning solution rich in vitamins and lightly infused with Rosehip oil, Macadamia oil and Shea butter to increase our skins hydration while giving us a long lasting tan.

Creating a product that makes people look amazing and feel great IS THE BEST FEELING!