Interviewed by Why Hello Beauty

Interviewed by Why Hello Beauty
June 9, 2015 Beca
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A chocolate based tan, well this is new!

When a media release for such a tan popped into my inbox, obviously the beauty fanatic in me had to know more. Enter Rebecca Colalillo of GlowbyBeca, a 100% eco-certified natural DHA self-tan which is fast drying, non-sticky and odourless. I was lucky enough to chat to Rebecca recently all about this exciting range of self-tan, just see below!

What part of the beauty industry were you involved in before launching your own tanning brand? Have you always been a self tanner?

I have 12 years experience as a Beauty Therapist and going into 10 years owning my own beauty salon where we offer facial and body treatments, waxing and tanning services. Anyone who knows me well knows I never go out without a tan. Being in the industry, I had the luxury of  spray tanning myself weekly as opposed to self tanning at home, however I constantly heard the mess ups people would have self tanning at home. This inspired me to create a product with a salon finish for home use.

Your tan is chocolate based. What does this mean?

GlowByBeca is Chocolate Ash Based Tan. This means the DHA (which is the colour of the tan) gives a chocolate ash tone which assures a more brown finish and not as golden as majority of tans that are green based.

Is your brand ‘one shade suits all’ or do you have a range of strengths?

The great thing about GlowByBeca is that one shade fits all! You have the control to take your tan as light or a deep as you wish. GlowByBeca Chocolate Tanning Mousse is an instant tan. The longer you leave it on, the deeper and darker your colour will be and last longer. I personally love to apply it and go, however this is not recommend on a wet day.

A quick tip when applying is that 1hr will produce a light effect, 2hrs for medium coverage and 3-4hrs will be darkest shade. This is the time recommend before rinsing off in the shower, then your ready to glow!

Are other tanning brands infused with such yummy ingredients such as Rosehip Oil and Shea Butter?

The tanning industry is such a wide spread market and continues to boom. The point of difference is that GlowByBeca strives to deliver is the amount of that specific yummy ingredient. RoseHip oil is not yet seen in tan product but it is rich in hydration and high in antioxidants. Shea Butter and Macadamia Oil are another two yummy ingredients infused in GlowByBeca products. I’m sure you have heard of them for their amazing hydration benefits but it does comes down to the percentage used in my products. We infused just the right amount to complete the tans DHA so it can and actually will nourish and deliver. We also have the results to prove this, and not just say it is in there and have people still experiencing extremely dry tanned skin.

I’ve read there is NO orange tones to the skin with your tan, how do you stop this from happening like other brands?

The DHA plays the biggest role! The Chocolate Ash DHA it what gives a different more natural and brown finish. When used correctly and not over used, the GlowByBeca product gives you a gorgeous tan, leaving you feeling confident and looking great.

Do you have any additional information you would like to share?

Everything I do is to inspire and to encourage safe tanning, nourish your skin and to give you a summer feel, glowing skin all year round.

A big thank you to Rebecca for featuring on WHB. I cannot wait to get my hands on a bottle myself!

What do you think of this chocolate-based tan? Will you be trying it?

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