The Harsh Effects Of UV Rays
September 15, 2015 Beca
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The Harsh Effects Of  UV Rays: 

For many Australians the sight of tanned, glowing skin is associated with a healthy and happy lifestyle. Although sun exposure is beneficial in moderation, excessive sun exposure has many harmful effects.

Studies show between 95-99% of skin cancers are caused by sun exposure. Between the years 1982 and 2015 cases of skin cancer have risen by an estimated 60%. It is a growing leading cause of cancer with sunburns causing 95% of melanomas, the most deadly form of skin cancer.

Melanoma is caused by ultra violet rays that are prevalent in sunbaking and tanning beds. The outcomes of UV rays are associated with premature aging causing pigmentation, loss of elasticity in the skin, wrinkles, sagging and brown sunspots.

The safe alternative to achieving a sun kissed tan is through sunless tanning. The secret is through the key ingredient DHA (dihydroxyacetone), a colour additive that darkens the top layer of our skin. Most dermatologists will say that products containing DHA is the safest way of maintaining a sun kissed glow, as it has been available and approved in cosmetics for many years.

This summer apply your GlowByBeca tanning mousse or seek a spray tan before heading out in the sun and remember to be sun smart.

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